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Hello there! Thanks for stopping by!

Wait, you don't need to thank me once again after you thank me once!
You can thank me once, you don't need to trouble yourself again.
Or if you don't mind, that's not a problem~!

If you add my art into your collection... I'll take that as a favorite!
I'll apologize by now if I put your drawing to a wrong collection! I always drag and drop it. So please forgive me.


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Hello! I don't do requests and such, so this is more of a donation.
What is this for? Of course it's a donation pool, so if you are very kind you may give me points. I want to have a Premium membership and I want to commission people here by the use of points. :D

I procrastinate a lot, sorry. I don't know how to use Paint Tool SAI that much and I have no drawing tablet. I will only do what I enjoy.
I may do contest entries and fan arts of what I want.

Sorry for the wrong grammar. :XD:

:note:SCHOOL AGAIN. It means less drawings from me. :<

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Credits to earthwormsama for my dA ID~


Gift Saoriklaeid9870 by arada11
Thanks to arada11 for the cute page doll ♥

Name: Nicole
Age: 14 years old
Birthday: February 12, 2000
Country: Philippines

Have a 3DS? Register me! My friend code is 4983-5863-2885!

Okay, take note of these: :XD:
○ I don't like the idea of forcing your OTP to people who doesn't support it.
○ Favorite type of Pokemon is Grass-type and Psychic-type.
○ I fangirl easily.
○ I want to be friends with you. owo
○ I don't have a tablet so I use a mouse.
○ I don't really know how to use Paint Tool SAI, but I'm experimenting a lot in using it.
○ I use ChibiPaint (ran by Java) on RMD.
○ I love to laugh. I'm iNSaNe. :D
○ I am a procrastinator. and super lazy
○ I am friendly here. I'm not very friendly in real life.
○ My username is often Saori Klaeid. This is my first time to use a username with numbers.


:star:People I look up to:star:




:star:Special Mentions:star:


a.k.a. My friends~ I love them all, and no order. :meow:

:iconnagitostat: NagitoStat
My first ever friend in dA! I know vanileii signed up before her but the details about this happening will be explained later on, back to NagitoStat. When we first chatted, I really felt that it was my first time to have this feeling of having a friend not in real life! I'm so happy I became friends with her. ;w; And she's artistic + can do the The Beautiful World's style! BTW I'm her first watcher. uvu First best friend, okay? ;u;

:iconkanataki: Kanataki
SPAIN AND JAPAN <333 AsaKiku + Spamano = <333 She's left handed and younger than me. She's my second best friend here ;w; Can't wait to see her new drawings OMG~ (of course I can wait, LOL XD) And yes we have a lot in common~ +w+

:iconvanileii: vanileii
The very reason I'm here. I mean, why I signed up here. She told me about Hetalia, thank you so much for that. And about the explanation... Last 2010-2011 we are frenemies. She belongs to my group, err, our circle of friends. We are enemies (I think...) because of drawing and knowledge about Vocaloid! XD But after entering the Pokemon fandom and leaving the Vocaloid fandom, we became friends. Too bad you had transferred to another school, I miss you! u_u

:iconyowaneyamanaka: YowaneYamanaka
YESH JUST YESH. Hi Ella-chan~ :"D And yes she's left handed. uvu(why does the description for her is lacking so much...)

:iconiggyaph021: IggyAPH021
A classmate for this year. uvu He likes what I like~ Like, shipping. XD (description is lacking again...)

:iconbrokenhealer: brokenHealer
She is really supportive, I appreciate every favorite that she gives~ :love: She is so kind to me ;w;

:iconteaneko13: teaneko13
A cool one, don't mess up with her, because she's sane. She's an Armin fangirl, I think XD;




Since you guys are usually older than me (yes, you visitor), I'll only put here the people who chats me occasionally and maybe takes care of me.



:star:People I want to be friends more with:star:


YOU! I want to be friends with you. uvu

deviantID is still under construction! :D
I'm so freaking tired of seeing USUK. Deal with it.


[IH] Lonely Christmas by SaoriKlaeid9870
[IH] Lonely Christmas
But Hime is. (?) Nah, I just wanted to try coloring shiz yeah 

Drawing & Character (c) SaoriKlaeid9870
[Gift] Minane~ by SaoriKlaeid9870
[Gift] Minane~
Sorry for the late greeting but Merry Christmas! :santa:
It was requested by NamineLee but I was too lazy to work in early December.
However, I planned to fulfill her request. And now, here it is!
Such fail pose because I wasn't aiming for a good drawing -- just passing something 'good' is enough. xD
Low quality pic because my phone's camera isn't that good. xD

Minane (c) NamineLee
Drawing (c) SaoriKlaeid9870

P.S. I didn't really want to shorten (?) my black color pencil so I just did the coloring like this. But it still became short. :c Also, I was having a hard time with Paint Tool SAI so nowadays I am a traditional artist.
One cloudy day in Ikehara High, when everyone went to their specific club rooms...

"Hey people! Line up! Let's do some stretching!" The leader of the Swimming Club, Fujimoto Hime, commanded her members. "Yes, yes," her members said, with a lazy or an energetic tone. They started stretching, 1 2 3 4...and finished stretching three minutes after.

Hime walked by the pool while commanding her members for another time. "Position! Ready, GO!" The swimming club members were obedient, not because Hime was the leader...but because they were pumped for the November event! Correct, it's what they had been waiting for--Sports festival! Quickly, each of them dived into the pool and dashed to the other end of the pool.

"Great! Ikeda Yuudai, 20.87 seconds! Hanamura Seiji, 21 seconds! Haku Shiro, 21.26 seconds! Kurosawa Ana, 21.97 seconds! Good job, guys!" Hime said, impressed by her members' speed. She listed their records on her notepad, and she reread it again.

Hime squatted a little to see Ana. "Kishi-kun, you seem to be a little lethargic today. What's wrong?" she asked, worried by her colleague who performed a little slower than usual. She offered a hand, and Ana took it.

"Ah, that... Do not worry, it's just that I have been thinking about the sports festival." Ana lied, but Hime nodded and believed. She believed because she knew she couldn't get anything out of Ana. She didn't want to annoy him with her questions. Ana knew that Hime knows that he's lying.

Both of them can read the situation well, but they often hide it. When Ana got out of the pool, he went straight to the changing room. Unconsciously, Hime followed him silently.

Ana went inside the room, and sat on the bench. He rubbed his temple, and furrowed his eyebrows. He hid himself with a towel and dried himself with a towel. Since he was sitting on the bench and drying his hair, no other noise could be heard except the sound of drying his hair. Taking advantage of the situation, Hime crept into the room quietly and stood behind Ana.

She patted his back and wrapped the long-sleeved polo around Ana. Ana got surprised by the action and looked around to find who did it. Hime hid playfully, even crouching beyond Ana's sight. "Booyah~!" she surprised him.

"Why, you-"

"Oh yes, I did it."

Ana sighed, and Hime LOL'ed. "You don't seem well today," she tried to break the ice. Ana hid again using his towel. "What's wrong with you? If you don't feel well just spit it out and go to the clinic," Hime said coldly, just trying to pressure Ana (but failed).

"Actually, I..."

"Hey, Hime-chan! There's a meeting for the Student Council today," Yuudai shouted from the outside. I almost gave in...good thing Yuudai-senpai interrupted. I almost said the truth, Ana thought. "Oh, is that so? How did you know?" Hime asked. "Well, duh! That annoying cousin of mine told me," Yuudai replied. Hime's mouth formed an 'o'.

"Alright, I'm going," she tells Yuudai.


"Oh, right. Just tell me when I get back, okay? We have lots of time after school~" she winked and waved goodbye to Ana.

I don't want to seem like a weak person to others..., Ana thought.

Fifteen minutes after that, Hime entered the changing room, and came in with many papers, held by her left arm and supported by her right arm. Shiro hurried and helped the poor girl carry the papers. "What are these for?" Shiro asked.

"Oh, these are the papers we need to design to make our club a little appealing to be rivaled by other students." Hime and Shiro placed the piles of papers on the little table at the corner of the room. "You know what, since we're all teamed up by A's, B's, and C's, we have to compete with each other."

Yuudai, Seiji, Shiro, and Ana listened to her, and they just nodded in response. "Perhaps you've all been thinking why I'm recording your speed? Well, I suppose you know already--I want to have a fair battle." Seiji crept a smile after hearing the word fair, which could mean there'll be peace once the festival ends.

On the other hand, Yuudai thought about what they should put on the papers. He told Hime about his plans. "Hime-chan, we could just draw ourselves in the pool while having a race. You know, this senpai can do it, and you guys can color," he pointed to himself and acted like a big brother to the club. "Oh yeah Yuudai-senpai? One hundred papers for you, and each of us gets to color 25 pages each! Heehee!" Shiro joked. Hime laughed, Yuudai chased Shiro, and Seji and Ana were watching them.

"Time check, it's already 5:30 PM. Perhaps we should head back to our dorms and send messages through our cellphones," Seiji suggested, and everyone agreed. Ana stood up first and packed his things. Yuudai, Seiji, and Shiro had their things packed already so they went back to their dorms first.

Ana walked out of the changing room, leaving Hime behind. He then realized, he's a man and a man should never leave a girl alone. Therefore, he came back to the changing room seeing Hime carrying the papers by herself while trying to put out the lights.

"Here, let me help," Ana offered and took 4/5 of the papers carried by Hime. "Thanks. Oh, how accurate!" Hime praised Ana, which left Ana in a confused state. "Accurate? What's accurate?" he asked. "It's so accurate that you got 80 pages! I really knew you were accurate!" she said in a happy tone. She's really weird..., he thought.

The next day, Hime brought drawing and coloring materials to the changing room. Yes, it's after class again. Seiji and Shiro brought a table from the storage room. Every one sat around the table and began drawing and coloring. They finished a lot of the posters, about 65% of them in a day. The next thing they knew, they were hanging out at a cafe near their dorms. They bought coffees and doughnuts, and ate them while chatting.

"So... By tomorrow, we can finish the posters, right, Hime-chan?" Yuudai asked. "Correct, and actually, I just finish some more while I was in my dorm," Hime replied while munching on her doughnut. Seiji took a tissue and handed it to Hime. He motioned his finger to the side of his mouth, meaning, there was a strawberry filling on the side of Hime's mouth.

"Oh, haha! Thanks Seiji-senpai. I could always count on you!" She thanked him. Seiji just laughed back in response. The rest of them finished off their meal.

"Hey, hey, let's go shopping! I think I should buy a new swimming shorts or trunks. Mine was ripped!" Shiro suggested, and Yuudai agreed. "I have to buy a new goggles! The water goes inside it and I can't see well!" Yuudai exclaimed, and therefore, they went shopping. Unconsciously, Hime bought for her members new goggles. They have to challenge each other fairly, after all.

The next day again, they finished all of their posters. They hanged some posters on the bulletin board. They hanged some to each classroom. They gave some to the students.

Since they have a little more time, the swimming club members went back to the pool, with their swimsuits on. Yuudai, Seiji, and Shiro challenged each other to squat the longest. However, Ana and Hime...

"Hey. About the other day...I was just--"

"Oh, that's right. Did you want to challenge me?" She smiled brightly, this time she couldn't remember what happened the other day.


"Let's go!" Hime grabbed Ana and positioned herself. "Ready, go!" Hime dived into the pool.

Ana had no other choice, he dived and swam as well. After a short time, Hime won. She headed to the changing room, and motioned to Ana that he should follow her.

When they reached the changing room, Hime laughed awkwardly. "Hahaha...! Sorry, I actually took advantage of the situation. I knew you weren't feeling well. Here, rest up!" Hime motioned to the bench as she sat. "So that was all an act? You knew I'm not feeling well?" Ana asked. "Well, yeah," Hime looked up at the ceiling. "I just wanna play with you. You seem to be too serious so I want to cool you off."

"Ha. Well then, as a payment for that, you have to do your best when someone challenges you. Promise me, okay?" Ana said. "Now, why do you seem so dramatic? And why are you telling me that?" Hime asked him. "I still don't feel well, so I assumed you should be the representative." Ana confessed.

"Oh, okay. I'll try my best!" Hime tried to cheer him up. "Ha! With your height, do you think you can win?" Ana teased, which made Hime pout. "Aish, I'll just do my best! Why you--" Hime was saying something but her head was playfully patted by Ana. "Geez, good luck!"

On the next days, people challenged Hime while Ana is still recovering. The swimming club stayed the same happy club.
Challenge Me

Well, this is actually for :#IkeharaHigh: :iconikehara-high: for November's event - Sports Festival or sth~
Main characters:
Fujimoto, Hime - My OC~
Kurosawa, Ana - :iconkromogami18:

Supporting characters:
Ikeda, Yuudai - :iconvanileii:
Hanamura, Seiji - :iconshizumii-kaii:
Haku, Shiro - :iconbutter-yums:

Poor story writter by me
Also, this isn't some fluff fic yo

It's my first ever story published on the internet. I suck bruh. Sorry for the wrong grammar and poor writing skills.
Pffft I have to 'study' later since tests are on 20 (tomorrow) and 21.
I think my feels for dA are slowly coming back to me, I think I couldn't really forget about you all. Q w Q

It's just that I couldn't find the time to check my dA because my nephew would cry if I don't lend the laptop to him :I (seriously, he's so spoiled that I hit him often)

My plans for November to December would be:

20-21     Test Days
22         Drawing c': I could draw ehe


7          THE RED BULLET IN MANILA <3 BTS's concert.


Also, I am reading a manhwa entitled Girl the Wild's, and it's pretty cool XD
@ me on Twitter if you want to talk to me. c:
Twitter @XuXianLu 
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