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Hello there! Thanks for stopping by!

Wait, you don't need to thank me once again after you thank me once!
You can thank me once, you don't need to trouble yourself again.
Or if you don't mind, that's not a problem~!

If you add my art into your collection... I'll take that as a favorite!
I'll apologize by now if I put your drawing to a wrong collection! I always drag and drop it. So please forgive me.


SaoriKlaeid9870 has started a donation pool!
19 / 636

Hello! I don't do requests and such, so this is more of a donation.
What is this for? Of course it's a donation pool, so if you are very kind you may give me points. I want to have a Premium membership and I want to commission people here by the use of points. :D

I procrastinate a lot, sorry. I don't know how to use Paint Tool SAI that much and I have no drawing tablet. I will only do what I enjoy.
I may do contest entries and fan arts of what I want.

Sorry for the wrong grammar. :XD:

:note:SCHOOL AGAIN. It means less drawings from me. :<

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Artist | Student | Varied
Credits to earthwormsama for my dA ID~


Gift Saoriklaeid9870 by arada11
Thanks to arada11 for the cute page doll ♥

Name: Nicole
Age: 14 years old
Birthday: February 12, 2000
Country: Philippines

Have a 3DS? Register me! My friend code is 4983-5863-2885!

Okay, take note of these: :XD:
○ I don't like the idea of forcing your OTP to people who doesn't support it.
○ Favorite type of Pokemon is Grass-type and Psychic-type.
○ I fangirl easily.
○ I want to be friends with you. owo
○ I don't have a tablet so I use a mouse.
○ I don't really know how to use Paint Tool SAI, but I'm experimenting a lot in using it.
○ I love to laugh. I'm iNSaNe. :D
○ I am a procrastinator. and super lazy
○ I am friendly here. I'm not very friendly in real life.
○ My username is often Saori Klaeid. This is my first time to use a username with numbers.


:star:People I look up to:star:




:star:Special Mentions:star:


a.k.a. My friends~ I love them all, and no order. :meow:

:iconnagitostat: NagitoStat
My first ever friend in dA! I know vanileii signed up before her but the details about this happening will be explained later on, back to NagitoStat. When we first chatted, I really felt that it was my first time to have this feeling of having a friend not in real life! I'm so happy I became friends with her. ;w; And she's artistic + can do the The Beautiful World's style! BTW I'm her first watcher. uvu First best friend, okay? ;u;

:iconkanataki: Kanataki
SPAIN AND JAPAN <333 AsaKiku + Spamano = <333 She's left handed and younger than me. She's my second best friend here ;w; Can't wait to see her new drawings OMG~ (of course I can wait, LOL XD) And yes we have a lot in common~ +w+

:iconvanileii: vanileii
The very reason I'm here. I mean, why I signed up here. She told me about Hetalia, thank you so much for that. And about the explanation... Last 2010-2011 we are frenemies. She belongs to my group, err, our circle of friends. We are enemies (I think...) because of drawing and knowledge about Vocaloid! XD But after entering the Pokemon fandom and leaving the Vocaloid fandom, we became friends. Too bad you had transferred to another school, I miss you! u_u

:iconyowaneyamanaka: YowaneYamanaka
YESH JUST YESH. Hi Ella-chan~ :"D And yes she's left handed. uvu(why does the description for her is lacking so much...)

:iconiggyaph021: IggyAPH021
A classmate for this year. uvu He likes what I like~ Like, shipping. XD (description is lacking again...)

:iconbrokenhealer: brokenHealer
She is really supportive, I appreciate every favorite that she gives~ :love: She is so kind to me ;w;

:iconteaneko13: teaneko13
A cool one, don't mess up with her, because she's sane. She's an Armin fangirl, I think XD;




Since you guys are usually older than me (yes, you visitor), I'll only put here the people who chats me occasionally and maybe takes care of me.



:star:People I want to be friends more with:star:


YOU! I want to be friends with you. uvu

deviantID is still under construction! :D
I'm so freaking tired of seeing USUK. Deal with it.


Can't whip my hair back and forth because I got a new haircut LOL
I got my card today and honestly I got low grades--wait no it's 'meh' but it's still good I think
And, um, I actually became the third in the ranking overall for my batch, and we did not expect it at all. I did pretty bad during pre-quarterly test in 4th quarter, because I did not study much (I don't study much anyway) but during the periodic test, my aunt helped me a lot in studying shiz so I guess the tests were alright. (but the math test, I guess I failed ;3; ) Since I was a lazy butt this high school, I didn't expect myself to be the third.

Oh yeah, people who greeted me on my 'birthday' on Mar. 12, thanks! February 12 is actually my birthday, hehe. Because of that, my mom gave me a laptop (but doesn't connect to the internet, wtf), boots (?), berets, jackets, etc. When they knew that I was third, they told me that I deserved the gifts (because if I don't get 4 or higher, I'm pretty bad and not deserving for the gifts). Feeling great, they talked behind my back in a good way: they made a decision that they will buy me whatever tablet I want if I got a higher rank (do they think it's easy?) because I saw YowaneYamanaka's posts, and my friends get prizes too when they are in the honor roll.

It's almost 4 AM here, I was playing with my cousin on Facebook the whole time. Oh right, I went to the US Embassy to file for Visa. The trip was disturbing--we rode on the MRT and we were like sardines in a can--the people are no joke, they're friggin' squeezing other peeps.

Oh yeah, Luka V4x! I was listening to her and some covers using her v4x (I'm clueless how they tune vocaloid) and was...disappointed with how 'rough' Luka sounds, but maybe it only applies to some of her voicebanks. To be honest, I was happy that she got an upgrade. Jirai on YouTube makes use of Luka's voice. S/He covers English songs and they sound pretty good, I tell you.

Hohoho summer's fun but it's friggin' hot during the afternoon.
  • Mood: Lonely
  • Reading: Girl the Wild's
  • Watching: Fire Emblem: Awakening gameplays
  • Playing: Big Story Little Heroes on FB
I just finished Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate! The anime is so good~ I want to create a group for rp, and the designs are heavily based on the anime...but definitely, I'll try to create a good one (but still unoriginal //smacked)
Well yeah, you read that right.
I know a lot of you may have forgotten about me, but that's acceptable because I've been absent for quite a long time now. Actually, we had our final tests on 13 and 14. (and I'm fucking scared that I can't be on the final top ten for the school year)
Uh yeah thanks for the birthday greetings too. This is my second, third, or maybe the fourth time I'm telling ya'll this: my birthday is on February 12.
I'm 15 yep and I feel old now that people have overtaken me in everything... (Did I give you the right imagery?)

I'm really back to watching anime these days--I finished Free! Eternal Summer and Grisaia no Kajitsu. Grisaia no Kajitsu's episode 12 scarred my life

Bye folks, I wish I can update more and draw again! My skills deteriorated lels
  • Mood: Lonely
  • Reading: Girl the Wild's
  • Watching: Fire Emblem: Awakening gameplays
  • Playing: Nowhere Safe 2

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